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Logitech Streamcam – Camera not available at 1080 60fps (Full HD) – Solution

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I bought my Logitech Streamcam new from Amazon and directly used the Type C Port without any adapters. Unfortunately, I was unable to have the Full HD (1080p 60fps) working. It would only work sometimes when I restart my PC and then usually displays “Camera not available”. By the way, I am on Windows 10 with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970.

The Logitech Streamcam “Getting Started” guide shows that Type C ports and USB 3.0 should work. Unfortunately for me, the Type C port didn’t work and I had to purchase a converter.

StreamCam Connectivity

An interesting thing happened as I was debugging the issue. For some reason, the thruput is too much on my USB Type C port.



Try using a regular 3.0 USB port with a USB converter. You need to search for “USB C Female to USB Male Adapter 3.1 or 3.0“.

Here are two affiliate links to Amazon products that should work. You might as well invest in a USB 3.1 adaptor as the price is almost the same as USB 3.0. I went for the first smaller and cheaper convertor.

Buy From Amazon:

The product quality is surprisingly really good.

Logitech streamcam usb adaptor
Logitech streamcam usb adaptor

Let me know if this worked for you and I hope that Logitech fixes this problem.

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