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WordPress Admin “Submit for Review”

By Raddy in WordPress ·

If you just migrated your website to another host and you find out that you can’t submit new pages or posts as admin – your button is replaced by “Submit for Review” then you might have the same issue I had today. Another message that you might get would be that you need to contact your system administrator.

Determinate if it’s a plugin conflict

Rename your plugins folder to something like “plugins-deactivated”, and see if the issue persists, if it does, it’s probably not a plugin problem. Your plugins are located under “www.yourwebsite.com/wp-content/plugins”.

Check your database

Before you do anything with your database make sure that everything is backed up. If you are using phpMyAdmin or a similar tool, select the “<table-prefix>_post table and run the repair database. Go back to your WordPress website and see if the issue is resolved.

Database ID row

Your problem could be that the ID column of your table is not auto-incrementing. When you migrated your database maybe something went wrong. Again, make sure your database is backed up before you do anything and then head to your phpMyAdmin page. Navigate to <table-perfix>_posts, click structure, and then find the ID row and select change. Find the A_I row heading and tick the box and save. If this doesn’t fix the issue for you hopefully the last option will solve the problem.

Create a new Database & User

This is what fixed the problem for me.

Go to your C-Panel, Plesk or whatever hosting software you are using and navigate to your Database section. Create a new User and new Database and then re-import your database using the phpMyAdmin Import page.

That’s it! I hope one of the solutions works for you.

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