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20 Web Development Questions Answered in 10 Minutes – Front-end Edition

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Today I decided to switch it up a bit and try something different. I am going to be answering 20 Web Development question in under 10 (well on the video at least) min.


Is jQuery still relevant in 2020?

Absolutely. jQuery is still used on websites and you as a web developer should at least know your way around. Saying this, I very rarely touch jQuery now, unless I am feeling super lazy and I am doing something on WordPress which has it already loaded. I would avoid using it if you can.

What JS Frameworks/Library should I learn?

My suggestion would be to go with React.js or Angular and why not try both. Vue.js is also a great option, but I am not so sure about others like Svelte. The support and community aren’t that great at the moment, but I can imagine that it would grow as Svelte looks great.

Should I use Bootstrap for production?

If you are a front end developer or aspiring to be one you should be able to build custom layouts unless you are on a tight deadline or you don’t care too much about the look and feel. I get that the team of bootstrap has done an amazing job on accessibility and usability, but you should also consider the size and the design options. Bootstrap is, in my opinion, is overused and it doesn’t look that great.

Will you continue to upload in 2021?

Only if you smash the like button and subscribe.

Is HTML a programming language?


What makes a good Front-End Web Developer?

A good Front-end developer supports support other devs by subscribing to their YouTube channel or blog.


Does the size of your website affect its performance?

Yes of course. It could effect the User Experience, SEO and many other things. Always try to optimize your website as much as you can. Not everybody has a fast internet connection and people are extremely impatient.

Can I mix CSS Grid with Flexbox?

Yes, absolutely. They work well together and that’s how I build all of my projects. I mainly use Grid for my layouts and Flexbox can be just handy to position things from time to time.

3 Exciting JavaScript Libraries?

Three.js, GSAP and ScrollMagic

3 Cool CSS Libraries?

I don’t know if Ionic is considered as a CSS library because it’s so much more, but I want to say Ionic, Animate.css (which I don’t use anymore, but it was cool back in the day) and Hover.css

Best learning resource for a front end developers?

YouTube and FreeCodeCamp are my favourite free resources.

How do you avoid burnout?

Take regular breaks, exercise, don’t feel guilty by taking a few days off from time to time and try to always mix up your work and do something fun for it. Remember why you started web development in a first place.

How to learn new technologies / languages?

Stop thinking and overanalyzing. Just start

Tips for studying web development?

I will give you two quick ones:
1) Never ask for help unless a super tight deadline and your life depends on it. Figuring out stuff by yourself is the best way to learn and it’s the most satisfying. You would learn so much more
2) Always try to practice what you’ve learned. As people say, practice makes perfect

SCSS or CSS veriables?

Use CSS variables as they are in the root of your document and you can manipulate them whenever you like. SCSS is a pre-processor and once the SCSS variables are compiled they can’t be changed from the document.

(this might not be the best explanation, but I will update it as soon as I can)

Should you make outdated CSS jokes?


Should you use floats to develop layouts?

If you are still using floats you should probably stop now. I think that it introduces more problems than anything. I am not even sure why I am talking about this. Don’t use floats.

It’s much better to link the fonts that you need in your document. They will be loaded from a Google or Adobe CDN and that should be fairly fast.

And that’s everything for today. I hope that you enjoyed this article / video and if you did, consider subscribing sharing and liking the video.

If you have any interesting question that you would like to see next feel free to message me on social media or direct email me.

Thank you very much for watching or reading!

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