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TheMinimalist Theme is now Open Source – Free Download

By Raddy in WordPress ·

It’s been a while since I started making this theme as a part of the YouTube video tutorials on how to get started from creating a layout in Adobe XD to convert the design into a customisable WordPress theme.

As you can imagine this took a lot of my time and effort to get it where it is today. There is a lot more that can be done and that’s why I want to make it open-source today. I encourage anyone to contribute to the development and feel free to copy, modify and use the theme. The only thing that I will ask for is not to use it for monetary gains.

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Task List

I’ve created a small task list on GitHub that I will be working on whenever I can. If you would like to join me in completing the tasks feel free to fork the Theme. I’ll be on the lookout for any updates or changes that can be merged.

- [x] Allow HTML to Author Bio
- [x] Fix input height problem
- [x] Lazy loading 
- [x] HTML5 srcset and sizes
- [x] Move Article Date
- [x] Remove Read More Button
- [x] Remove Slogan
- [x] Remove margin from all elements
- [ ] Check Font Units
- [ ] Customizer Input Validation
- [ ] Close navigation on body click
- [ ] Navigation Sub Menu's
- [ ] Adjust Thumbnail on Mobile
- [ ] Add Categories
- [x] Fix Search Popup
- [x] Change pop-up animations
- [x] Update Author Aspect ratio crop
- [x] Fix Nav Animation
- [ ] Customizer Input Validation

Find the full list on the github page.


The best way of getting the latest version of the WordPress theme is to download it from GitHub. If you subscribe to my newsletter, I will make sure that you are up to date with any major changes that I do. Feel free to fork, copy and modify it, to suit your needs.

Please don’t use this theme for any monetization gains.

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